Four Disc Coffee Table

Four Disc Coffee Table

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A stylish coffee table made from the lids of oil drums. This table is custom and handmade, ideal in a modern and industrial themed environment.

Height : 43cm

Width : 107cm

Depth : 107cm

All Urbanite Home furniture is available in a range of custom colours. 
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Each day millions of oil barrels are created worldwide, for use in different industrial sectors ranging from petrochemicals to food, of which thousands are discarded every day. Our furniture is made by cutting, welding and riveting oil barrels by hand, whilst maintaining the unique identity each barrel would have acquired from its service history. Designed for durability, visual impact, to raise awareness and encourage action on repurposing and recycling, the collection is sure to make an impression whether they’re featured in a garden or in a postmodern interior space. Our range allows individuals to express their eco-consciousness and artistic flair from the comfort of their very homes.