That's All Folks Skateboard Deck
That's All Folks Skateboard Deck That's All Folks Skateboard Deck

That's All Folks Skateboard Deck

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This quirky handcrafted piece of skateboard art; created by artist Phil Davison; consists of a 33"x8.5" skateboard deck, hand drilled with 669 1.5mm holes and is embroidered with 46 feet of embroidery thread, and pays homage to classic cartoons from yester-year; which inspire much of Phils' work.

Created exclusively for the August 2014, Urban Cross Stitch "XXXSTITCH" show, it was exhibited for one night only in New York Citys' Con Atrist Gallery, in Manhattans Lower East Side.

Hailed as "the Banksy of the cross-stitching world" by Time Out NYC, (Issue 967), Phil is constantly pushing the boundaries of cross-stitch and experimenting with ever new and interesting materials and effects, transforming the art of cross-stitch into a truly modern graphic medium.

The "Thats All Folks!" Skateboard Deck is a unique one off piece, by Phil Davison; with the offical Urban Cross Stitch seal, applied to the top deck side of both sections; and this humorous art work will appeal to any skateboard enthusiast.

Phil is currently also represented by Fuchs Projects Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC.

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