Professional Overview

A brief overview of professional practice and work to date

The Urbanite Home furniture range was developed by Phil Davison; a Central Saint Martins graduate, who formerly worked as a Couture Pattern cutter at leading fashion houses in London.

In 2008 Phil repurposed his life, left the world of fashion behind and launched Urban Cross Stitch (UCS). The philosophy of repurposing, recycling or up-cyclying pervades all of Phil’s work. The Urban Cross Stitch concept, with humble beginnings at a Brick Lane market, is all about making the traditional craft of cross-stitching urban, timeless and accessible, by synthesising the craft with contemporary designs based on street art and pop culture. The brand has since evolved and now trades mainly online, with a strong customer base at home and abroad.

UCS markets kits with all the necessary materials and instructions, for any individual to bring our designs to life. We also accept customised orders to cater for our customers’ unique creative vision, and in recent times we have seen an increase in demand for our more elaborate finished pieces.

In 2011 UCS released its first book “Twisted Stitches” which was greatly received in the UK, USA, and Australia, and subsequently translated for the French market. This helped cement UCS’s position as an authority in our field of craft and has led to our upcoming debut exhibition of gallery works in August 2014, at New York City’s Con Artist Gallery.

Since 2013, Urban Cross Stitch has seen a rise in demand for its hand-finished interior textile pieces, ranging from cross-stitched cushions and wall hangings to latch-hooked rugs.

Our subsequent growth acted as a catalyst for our progression into the diversification of our brand. Urban Cross Stitch wanted to develop a range that is consistent with our founding philosophy, and after considerable research and development, we created a furniture range to harmoniously co-exist with our core textile pieces.

In the process of developing the furniture range, we observed that more and more people have become environmentally conscious, and demand for sustainable and recycled furniture is increasing. These principles informed our decision-making processes, as is evident in every aspect of our newly created furniture line, which exquisitely epitomises green characteristics.

As a result UCS created “The Urbanite Home” range, which specialises in repurposing old objects in original ways that adhere to UCS’s ethos. 


Each day millions of oil barrels are created worldwide, for use in different industrial sectors ranging from petrochemicals to food, of which thousands are discarded every day. Our furniture is made by cutting, welding and riveting oil barrels by hand, whilst maintaining the unique identity each barrel would have acquired from its service history. Designed for durability, visual impact, to raise awareness and encourage action on repurposing and recycling, the collection is sure to make an impression whether they’re featured in a garden or in a postmodern interior space. Our range allows individuals to express their eco-consciousness and artistic flair from the comfort of their very homes.