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Artist Background


Random Monkey Design is an independent umbrella founded in 2008 by Artist/ designer Phil Davison. Sister brands Urban Cross Stitch, 2008, and The Urbanite Home, 2014, are the brainchild of Davison. Both share the concept of the Urbanite; a contemporary individual who responds to craft art and objects made of found materials. 

Davison has a strong appreciation for craftsmanship and hand workmanship. Working for several years as a couture pattern maker for Vivienne Westwood and Ozwald Boateng before starting Urban Cross Stitch in 2008. Davison developed and sold, do it your self, cross-stitch kits inspired by the popular London Street Art of Brick lane. Davison learned the craft while living in Arkansas as a teenager.

In 2011 Davison wrote “Twisted Stitches” under North Light Books, based on over 30 original and inspired do it yourself cross stitch designs. Both Twisted Stitches and the Urban Cross Stitch kits are sold worldwide. In 2013 Davison exhibited an original large-scale cross-stitch work at the Fun Factory Gallery on Brick lane.  By August 2014 Davison debuted en entire body of work at Con Artist Gallery in New York City for one night solo show. Following the success of the New York debut “Twisted Stitches” jumped to #1 on Davison was hailed the Banksy of cross-stitch in Time out New York Magazine.

This coincided with inception of “The Urbanite Home”.  While working in his Belfast studio Davison came upon a mass of discarded oil barrels. With help of his father John Davison, Phil transformed 50-gallon drums into modern functional design for the home.

The Urbanite Home, has since partnered with local Belfast based businesses in the collection before they are discarded in landfills and the ocean. The residual oil found any barrels is cleaned and stored until it can be given to another local business that recycles the oil into Red Diesel fuel that is sold for generators and tractors. Farmers or individuals can by the fuel at a lower cost than gasoline.

A range of the first product line was premiered September 2014 during London Design Week at “Total Fabrication” hosted by Craft Central. Charlene Lam of Creative Clerkenwell requested a table after discovering the line on view at Craft Central to show among her list of top designers for 100% Design at Earls Court.

April 2015, Davison received two grants through the British European Design Group. With the B.E.D.G.  The Urbanite Home and Urban Cross Stitch exhibited a line of home furnishings and Artwork during New York Design Week at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held at the Jacob Javitz Center.


Each day millions of oil barrels are created worldwide, for use in different industrial sectors ranging from petrochemicals to food, of which thousands are discarded every day. Our furniture is made by cutting, welding and riveting oil barrels by hand, whilst maintaining the unique identity each barrel would have acquired from its service history. Designed for durability, visual impact, to raise awareness and encourage action on repurposing and recycling, the collection is sure to make an impression whether they’re featured in a garden or in a postmodern interior space. Our range allows individuals to express their eco-consciousness and artistic flair from the comfort of their very homes.